What is UVC

UVC refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers (nm). Light in the UVC wavelength can be used for disinfecting water, sterilizing surfaces, destroying harmful micro organisms in food products and in air.

How it Works?

Unlike chemical approaches to surface disinfection, UV provides rapid, effective inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. When bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting. UV light has demonstrated efficacy against pathogenic organisms, including those responsible for cholera, polio, typhoid, hepatitis and other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.

Is the Technology Proven?

With the right conditions & proper usage, UV and bacteria. The technology has been around for 40 years and is widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical labs & other high risk facilities. technology to your doorstep so that you can keep your homes & offices disinfected and well sanitized..

Is UVC Safe for humans?

UVC light doesn’t discriminate when it comes to genetic material, though and can be harmful for human skin & eye cells. However, SANIMAX devices have a range of safety features and can be operated remotely, making it a safe and effective solution in our battle against the various types of virus and bacteria.