about fit india

“Fitness is zero percent investment with infinite returns”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Fit India’ Movement’ on Thursday, saying the initiative is the need of the hour and will take the country towards the healthier future.The Fit India Movement aims to encourage Indians to include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle.We observed that the root cause of most lifestyle diseases are lifestyle disorders and there are many diseases that can be overcome by making small changes in our lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension are increasing in India. Hence, Fit India should be seen as a household movement, a daily routine.

“There is zero investment in Fit India movement, returns unlimited”. Fit India Movement should reach each and every corner of the country. The movement is not just central government’s but of all state governments, panchayats and local bodies. Fitness should be seen as a celebration, it should be taken up as a part of our daily life and family life.